Monday, August 10, 2009

more pics of Jackson

Jackson Hole

Yea for vacations and weddings! On Aug 8th my brother Shane got married up in beautiful Jackson Hole. It was so beautiful in Teton National Park, it fit Shane and Robyn to a T. My family all stayed in a great 4 bedroom condo up in Teton Village. The kids loved playing with each and staying up late. The wedding was held in the morning. The girls made great flower girls, while Michael did an outstanding job being the ring barier. Later that night we got a babysitter for the kids-sidenote turned out we had no idea who the babysitter was, but did a great job!- and went to the Snake River Grill (delicious-best part was the HUGE onion rings which looked like donuts) Once dinner was over we all walked to the famous cowboy bar. Probably the last time my whole family will be in a bar together :)

I am excited for Shane and Robyn they make a great couple. They are both so in love with each other. I am glad to have Robyn join our crazy family


my little sweetheart. I love her to death. I especially love that fact that she has to wear shoes to bed. At first it was just sneakers, but now we have moved on to black patten leather mary janes. Bought her some slippers, which lastest a day, back to the mary janes!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just random pictures


Sophia started a little gymnastics class at Fairmont park last night. She was the youngest one there, but did not look it by all means. At first she only wanted to sit on the mat and watch all the other kids wiggle their toes, jump up and down etc. After about 10min she was ready for the tumbling. A couple of times she did get distracted by the swimming pool and yell AQUA, or go and sit by the little girl who cried the whole time. My little sweetheart with the tender heart, so caring. I hope she never looses that quality.

I think she had a great time. Later that night Luke (who by the way is sure Sophia is going to be a natural) and I looked at pictures we took. When we zoomed in on Sophia's face in all of them she had a little smile.

Can't wait for net week. Hopefully with this class her flips off the couch will at least be done with alittle more grace and less accidents :)


Well the last picture you saw was in Mexico at an amazing all inclusive resort-just beautiful!

I wish I had more pictures of it to post-however we decided to go to good old St. George Utah instead. Due to the swine flu our trips was canceled. Maybe another day.

St. George was great. Luke and I took Sophia's along as well. I think Luke read a couple of book and really relax. I on the other hand ran after Sophia. I think when you go on vacation with children its not really a vacation. No naps bedtime around 10pm, and trying to fill the day with activities. We went to the pool, park lots of walk and a jumping house called Kangaroo Jacks. I have to admit I had a great time. After 45 min of jumping around I was exhausted but little Sophia was still full of energy!

Monday, March 2, 2009

By The Way

This is where I will be in 12 weeks!